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High School Curriculum (1-Year)


At Crossflight Sky Solutions, we have put together what we believe to be the most comprehensive and complete course for high school students to not only prepare to become certified FAA Remote Drone Pilots, but also to safely operate equipment in this exciting new field. Through this student and FAA standards driven curriculum, students will be pushed to not only learn the unmanned air system rules and regulations, but also why many of them were implemented in regard to manned aviation. Students will be exposed to careers and implementations for drones in multiple growing industries and begin helping change the world through the safe and responsible use of drone technology.

Curriculum Highlights:

-Daily, detailed GANAG lesson planning guides

-STEM based curriculum with cross curricular standards

-Designed for student driven instruction and learning in robotics and aviation

-Rubrics for easy and effective scoring and feedback to students

-Updated as needed to follow FAA guidelines and law changes

-Covers all FAA FAR Part 107 Standards

-LMS – Learning Management System options available

-Recommendations for simulation and drone equipment purchases

-Exposure to and understanding of multiple aviation and other careers

-Teacher training to support curriculum delivery is available

-Multiple Formats for easy implementation

-24 hours + Self Study for 107 Test Preparation

-178 Day Full Curriculum, designed for 45-minute Easily adaptable to other curriculum for partial use

Curriculum is leased on a one-year basis and all rights outside of individual school use will be prohibited unless prior permission is received. This is done in order to keep our product relevant and up to date as changes are needed based on laws and regulation.



Curriculum to use as a part of your STEM/STEAM program. Our highly engaging curriculum has been built by an educator for your educators and culminates with your students being prepared to become part 107 certified.

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